Roma L’Altra Faccia Della Violenza

In I fought the law, Paprika Chips on November 3, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Title: Roma L’Altra Faccia Della Violenza (Rome: The Other Side of Violence)
Production: Italy 1976
Director: Marino Girolami
Cast: Marcel Bozzuffi, Anthony Steffen
Run Time: 99min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Custom DVD by Luisa, enhancing the Italian release with English subtitles.

“Great Italian pulp movie, a classic for the genre! “Roma l’altra faccia della violenza(trad.:The other side of violence)” is a police movie where violence, theft and rape are caught in a mixture of raving unconsciousness and pure havoc. With a great appearance by Franco Citti, this film stands up for one of the best Italian pulp movie ever made. Quite similar to “Roma Violenta” and “Milano Violenta” with Maurizio Merli yet not the same cup of tea. It deserves more rudeness, rawness and pathos for the audience…” [imdb]


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