Yumurcak Küçük Şahit

In Raki Randale on November 3, 2012 at 9:03 pm

Title: Yumurcak Küçük Şahit (Little Eye-Witness / The Boy Who Knew Too Much)
Production: Turkey 1972
Director: Türker Inanoglu, Guido Zurli
Cast: Ilker Inanoglu
Run Time: 75min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: Dutch (hardcoded)

Transferred by kuenfist from a Dutch VHS tape.

Director Guido Zurl made the film “Kucuk Sahit” in 1972, but to find any info on this film is pretty impossible. The film was released on German video under the title “Little Eye-Witness”, but on the actual print of the film, the title reads “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”? So what “Kucuk Sahit” actually means, I have no idea? Along with all the actors and actresses of this film, young actor Ilker Inanoglu, is named Dickie Dickie on this print. The only reason I can see for this change, was to appeal to an English speaking audience with an American sounding name. But I think the film goes completely unnoticed by most English speaking viewers, and I’d go even further to state, that most people would never be able to find this video. Despite all the confusion, this is actually a pretty good little Turkish thriller (which has elements of Hitchcock and Italian Giallo Cinema). It’s basically the old “boy who cried wolf” story, with Ilker being that boy. This young little child is loads of trouble (though to his credit, he does live a pretty banal existence). For fun he likes to: make prank calls to the fire department, take a little donkey home to his mom, step on hoses so that he can release a spray of water in the recipient’s face, and compulsively lie to his mother at every chance he gets. So it makes sense why no one believes him when he tries telling the police that he’s just witnessed a gruesome murder. What seperates this film from that of a Disney flick, is that you actually think it’s possible that harm may come to him. When you see what the killers did to the first victim, you know that cruelty is not an abstract notion for this film. The child will take a few beatings along the way, and children might be terrified by viewing this film. Though the version I saw was dubbed, the cute young thespian Ilker Inanoglu looked to be a pretty convincing actor. I find it impossible to find out which actress played his mother (due to the name changes on the print), but she was quite good as well. All in all, not a bad way to spend 90 minutes at 3:00am. Director Guido Zurl would also direct the cult favourite “Meat Is Meat”, which explains this films a tad. Not really worth extensively searching for, but…well, no one’s really ever going to see this film anyway. [imdb]


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