Il Prato Macchiato Di Rosso

In House of the Ju-Ju Queen, Paprika Chips on December 5, 2012 at 3:44 pm

Title: Il Prato Macchiato Di Rosso (The Red Stained Lawn)
Production: Italy 1973
Director: Riccardo Ghione
Cast: Marina Malfatti, Enzo Tarascio
Run Time: 90min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDr
Generation/Source: DVDMaster
Language:  Italian
Subtitles: English

Custom DVD by lordretsudo, using the Italian CineKult DVD as source material and enhancing it with  English subtitles by “The Three Musketeers” .


“An agent of UNESCO (nothing to do with the organization UN Protection of Cultural Heritage) discovers that a bottle of wine produced by a famous Italian wine is contained blood. The scene shifts Emilia-Romagna early 70s. A couple of hippies in their wanderings, they come across a certain Antonio accompanying them in the house where he lives with his sister and brother in law. In the sumptuous dwelling the two young people encounter strange characters: a gypsy woman, a prostitute and a disturbing drunk (Lucio Dalla). The host calms them by saying that he is only a producer of wines and loves to entertain strange people. In fact, Mr. Anthony is a madman who has created a mechanism, a kind of robot that can suck blood from human bodies.” [CG]


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