Vlčí Bouda

In House of the Ju-Ju Queen, Paprika Chips on January 5, 2013 at 12:37 am

Title: Vlčí Bouda (Wolf’s Lair)
Production: Czech Republic 1987
Director: Vera Chytilová
Cast: Miroslav Machácek, Tomás Palatý
Run Time: 90min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language:  Czech
Subtitles: English

Custom DVD with added English subs by monsterpop@kg.


A group of young students is on ski training in mountains. There are only one passage to chalet: telpher. They soon discover one of them is additional. And food is less and less. Adult trainers seem to be rather strange, too — they love snow and cold, they want someone of young people would try to kill another one and maybe they are from outer space. Young people must discover truth, to help themselves and escape. Excellent psychology horror. (imdb)


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