La Controfigura

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Title: La Controfigura (The Double)
Production: Italy 1971
Director: Romolo Guerrieri
Cast: Jean Sorel, Lucia Bosé
Run Time: 89min
Circulation: PAL 2DVDr Set
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language:  Spanish, English
Subtitles: English

Based on a 35mm Telecine transfer of unknown origin… Authored and remastered by darioargento, who says the following about the process:

Right then where to start; The Video source is a private telecine of the spanish 35mm, its the pity that Jose A Diago had no intention of even letting a dvd company release this print , even stating “perhaps one day a dvd” – yeah fuck you too, now everyone has a chance to view it. Thanks to a mystery friend we’ve got this version, it was cut and in spanish audio only , so with the help of a few friends we’ve put this little package together. First Steps were too remove the spanish audio and resync both the italian and English audio to the new print. Then the cut footage has been reinstated [just over two minutes] Now for those who claim the greek VHS to be Fully Uncut – its not , due to splicing damage its missing 30 seconds. I used the Greek vhs inserts because a test composite with the german vhs inserts looked worse and screwed with the AR. New Running Time is 1hr 28mins 50 seconds @ PAL
Once again my good friend ganjafarmer has created some superb English Subtitles for use with the Italian Audio.
Talking of Audio – sound quality initially was a little rough but thanks to janus2810 & nikko  thats been improved:
English Audio – in need of some love to reduce hiss and hum , janus2810 did great work…..
Italian Audio – Thanks to nikko for the more complete wav file.

The Original Telecine without any inserts , Spanish Audio with English Subtitles , 1 hr 26mins 54 seconds


“Romolo Guerrieri’s The Double has tried to do something a little different with the common Giallo formula, and like the latter film; this one isn’t entirely successful, although it’s certainly an intriguing take on Italy’s finest style of film-making. The plot is narrated via a series of flashbacks, and while this gives the film a rather disjointed feel, the talented director ensures that every scene flows well and is relevant to the plot. The focus of this movie isn’t on murder, despite someone being shot in the opening scene and it’s always clear that the characters are the star of this show. The film revolves around Frank; the man shot at the beginning, as he lies in a pool of blood, he thinks back to how he got into that position – a story that centres on the mother of his nineteen year old girlfriend. Frank is an architect living off his father’s allowance and he’s also a jealous lover. He doesn’t like his girlfriend seeing an American holidaymaker, also staying in Morocco – but he also can’t resist the lure of his girlfriend’s sexy mother…” (imdb)


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