Die Nylonschlinge

In London Calling, Paprika Chips on February 18, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Title: Die Nylonschlinge (Nylon Noose)
Production: Germany 1963
Director: Rudolf Zehetgruber
Cast: Helga Sommerfeld
Run Time: 99min
Circulation: M4V file
Generation/Source: 16mm Medallion TV print
Language:  English
Subtitles:  None

Ripped by crunkyteen. See his comments below:
“This particular file comes from an English language 16mm Medallion TV print. Sorry no subs. It was transferred to video using an analog Elmo TRV-16 projector. The image was burned directly into a Denon DVD recorder. I took the file and decombed it in Handbrake. Unfortunately the image is rather soft (although the actual print is in excellent condition – if anyone wants to attempt an HD transfer give me a shout out!). At around the 23 min mark, the masking got out of whack for about 10 mins. I attempted to crop the image but ran into some problems so I decided to go with the raw telecine. Hey, it’s free. Krimi fans out there should enjoy this one.”



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