Gli sterminatori dell’anno 3000

In Charlie don't surf, Paprika Chips on April 10, 2013 at 6:27 pm

Title: Gli sterminatori dell’anno 3000 (Exterminators of the year 3000 / The Mad Rider)
Production: Italy 1983
Director: Giuliano Carnimeo
Cast: Robert Iannucci, Alicia Moro, Luciano Pigozzi
Run Time: 88min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Screener Master
Language:  English
Subtitles: None

A smilinggods rip about which he says: “This is a classic and violent Italian post-apoc movie and is much loved by all. However, this version is unique and very different in that it came from the direct Italian VHS screener tape. This is not a copy, but was sent out to distributors in the early 1980s for consideration.”


“The year 3000, after a nuclear war turned the earth into a desert. A group of survivors in a cave runs out of water and desperately needs new supply. The last guy they sent out didn’t return. His 10 years old son Timmy wants to join the next team. They know where they’ll find a well, but the problem it the way there, which is controlled by a savage gang of motorcyclists under the bloodthirsty Crazy Bull. A lonesome stranger who Timmy meets on the way may help.” [imdb]


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