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Eva Nera

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Title: Eva Nera (Black Cobra Woman)
Production: Italy 1976
Director: Joe D’Amato
Cast: Laura Gemser
Run Time: 93min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: English, Italian

An anthony 1138 project, enhancing the Italian release with English audio and subs. Custom English audio track painstakingly re-synched by janus2810. Custom Eng subs carefully translated and completely re-timed by Elan.


Judas (Jack Palance) and Jules (Gabriele Tinti) are brothers living in Hong Kong. Judas has all the family money, thanks to a condition in their dead father’s will that stipulates Jules must “behave” for five years before he gets any inheritance. Jules travels for business, and brings home the exotically beautiful Eva (Laura Gemser). Eva has quite a nightclub act. She strips topless and writhes around with a large snake, much to the enjoyment of drunk Oriental businessmen. Judas sees Eva and is immediately taken with her. Eva is invited back to Judas’ to meet his “friends”- about half a dozen live snakes, all venomous and dangerous. Eva moves in with Judas, who pays for everything, but she still gets to crawl into bed with whomever she pleases, man or woman. She eventually meets Gerri (Michele Starck), and the two fall for each other. Eventually, one of the cast members starts playing with the serpents when they shouldn’t, and people start ending up dead.


Die Nackte Gräfin

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Title: Die Nackte Gräfin (The Naked Coutess)
Production: Germany 1971
Director: Kurt Nachmann
Cast: Ursula Blauth
Run Time: 81min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: German
Subtitles: English

Custom DVD, enhancing the German MCP release with English subtitles by AnDeRsSon.


THE NAKED COUNTESS is a rather unusual and surprisingly dark erotic film by German standards of the Seventies. At a time when the majority of German sexploitation consisted either of silly sex comedies or “report films” such as the infamous SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series (which broke all national box office records) this film had other things in mind.
In fact, it hardly resembles any of its German contemporaries – instead, it’s rather reminiscent of both Scandinavian genre efforts and, in fact, of genre mavericks such as Jess Franco, Radley Metzger and Max Pécas.

The De Sade-esque story of innocent country girl Verena (Ursula Blauth), who is seduced and corrupted by an obsessively voyeuristic elderly Count (played by Wolfgang Lukschy of THE DARK EYES OF LONDON and FOR A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS) is told in flashbacks within a time frame of one evening throughout which a police inspector (played by director Kurt Nachmann himself) investigates at the Count’s villa after the naked corpse of a young man is found in the Count’s car by a road in the countryside.

Lensed with obvious pleasure by Franz X. Lederle (cinematographer of VANESSA and BLOODY FRIDAY) and carried by a fantastic score by Gerhard Heinz (parts of which he later reused for the German version of Jess Franco’s EROTISMO), the film evokes a rather detached, almost surreal mood which is supported by comparatively sparse, stylised dialogue. Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Delights” is frequently referenced and the title song is called “The sins of yesterday and today” – you know what you are in for!
Being a West German film, there is, of course, a somewhat moralistic undercurrent, but as is so often the case, it is impossible to take it seriously, because the air of anti-libertinage-ism is contradicted strongly by the aggressive and decadent (albeit bourgeois) eroticism that Nachmann – previously screenwriter of musicals and comedies such as THE BLONDE AND THE BLACK PUSSYCAT – indulges in with obvious fervour. If you like films such as SINNER, EUGENIE DE SADE, THE IMAGE or EXPOSEDC, then this is for you. [AnDeRsSon]

Die Sklavinnen

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Title: Die Sklavinnen (Swedish Nympho Slaves)
Production: Germany 1978
Director: Jess Franco
Cast: Lina Romay
Run Time: 70min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: German
Subtitles: None

This is an alternative version of Franco’s WIP film “Die Sklavinnen” (“The Slaves”) starring Lina Romay, Jess Franco, Victor Mendes, Martine Stedil, Peggy Markoff, Eric Falk and Ramon Ardid.


“Also known as DIE SKLAVINNEN, this Franco production was one of many produced by Erwin C. Dietrich, which would allow the director a larger than normal budget. The film centers around a father and his goon (Franco himself) who paid five-million dollars for the return of his kidnapped daughter. The daughter was never returned so they kidnap a whorehouse (Lina Romay) owner who might know where the missing girl is. I’ve always said that this era of Franco films are among my favorite as the bigger budgets allowed him better cinematography, great scores and some better than average stories and best of all were the beautiful tropic locations. This film here pretty much has all of that stuff with the expected amount of sleaze, sex and non-stop nudity from various beautiful women. I really found the story here to be a lot more entertaining than many of the director’s films because I actually began to care about the mystery of what happened to the girl and I must admit that I really enjoyed Vitor Mendes in the role of the father. I found him to be pretty good in the role but so was Franco playing his typical type of character, which means he spends most of his time slapping around Romay. Speaking of Romay, she’s as hot as ever and has no problem slipping into her role. Martine Stedil plays the kidnap girl and she’s easy on the eyes as well. Eric Falk has a small role here as well. Walter Baumgartner did the nice music score and his brother Peter was in charge of the cinematography, which once again featured the trademark Franco zooms. I’m sure those who hate Franco will continue to do so but fans of pure sleaze should find plenty to enjoy here. With a running time of 75-minutes, the film goes by at a fast pace and it’s trashy enough from start to finish to make it worth viewing.” [imdb]

Detailed rundown of the differences in the shared scenes found in both “Die Verschleppten” and “Die Sklavinnen”. Most are minuses but one is a plus:
– 00:00:00 Missing about 90 seconds of the opening with a girl running through the jungle and arriving at the police station (this version starts with her already in the hammock).
– 00:01:45 Opening credits are identical save for the fact that this version has the Die Verschleppten title appear instead of Die Sklavinnen as on the ABCDVD release.
– 00:12:03 The rape scene of one of Princess Arminda’s new whores being broken in, particularly the threesome portion, is cut by several seconds.
– 00:16:50 The lesbo scene between Princess Arminda (Lina Romay) and Martine Radeck (Martine Stedil) is cut by a few seconds.
– 00:24:00 The threesome with Arminda/Martine/Raymond (Raymond Hardy) is again abridged by a few secs.
– 00:31:27 The dancer’s striptease scene in the club is cut short by several seconds.
+ 00:52:17 The scene of Martine being roughly interrogated by Arminda and Raymond is longer by a few seconds, showing the girl crying after the interrogation (this is missing from the ABCDVD release, making it a cut release, not uncut like they claim).
– 00:55:24 The quick scene of Martine moaning in bed as a guy enters the mansion is missing. The censor, however, botched the editing job and so we hear one stray lustful moan that’s actually from the cut scene and since it syncs with the guy turning around, actually gives a slightly different meaning to the scene as it (although likely inadvertently) makes it seem like the guy hears the girl’s moan before entering the mansion.
– 01:00:43 The lesbo fight scene between two more of Arminda’s whores is a few seconds shorter.
Here is a guide to the image quality. Fan subs heartily encouraged are subject to bribery.

Jag – en oskuld

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Title: Jag – en oskuld (Inga)
Production: Italy 1981
Director: Sergio Garrone
Cast: Corinne Cléry
Run Time: 82min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English

An audient rip about which he says: “The movie that introduced Marie Liljedahl to the world, “Inga” was the late Joe Sarno’s biggest international hit. You can find it elsewhere in its official release version – and that version looks nicer, but both the English dubbed and original Swedish versions released in the US were re-scored by Clay Pitts for Jerry Gross’s Cinemation Industries. And that is the only version ever shown in the United States. This version is the INCREDIBLY RARE English-subtitled export cut, which represents Sarno’s original cut and includes the original score by the Swedish pop group The Bamboo. This copy originates from a very old tape and, as with the subtitles on a lot of old movies, they sometimes disappear against white backgrounds. Even so, the quality is quite good. This version was apparently released back in 2008 on Swedish DVD but only with Danish, Norwegian and Finnish subtitles. If you’re a Joe Sarno fan, you’d better grab this because it probably isn’t going to surface again with the English subtitles.”


‘Inga, a 17 year-old, is sent to live with a scheming aunt who wants her to become mistress of her rich neighbour. She falls for a common young man instead.” [imdb]

L’ultimo Harem

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Title: L’ultimo Harem (The Last Harem)
Production: Italy 1981
Director: Sergio Garrone
Cast: Corinne Cléry
Run Time: 88min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None

A smilinggods rip about which he says: “This is a very rare and quite possibly unreleased English language screener of Sergio Garrone’s THE LAST HAREM starring Corinne Clery, George Lazenby, Daniele Poggi and many more.”

El Ultimo Haren (1981) 4

“Have seen this on TV several years ago. The overall dozy atmosphere and uncertain, lingering camera-work made me think it was yet another one by “Tio Jess” a.k.a Jess Franco. It actually turned out to be by an Italian director, but still a few of Franco regulars are featured(Uschi Buhfellner from Sadomania)and a girl who played the lesbian photographer in Lenzi’s amazing Eyeball is here, too. The soundtrack by Stelvio Cipriani re-uses rhythmic bass line from Nightmare city. The film was on late at night, and I quite enjoyed it’s low-key mixture of soft-core nudity and simple melodramatic plot that was going nowhere. It’s less exotic then, say, Orgasmo Nero, but better developed then Sexy Sisters or Voodoo Passion. “The last harem” is so generic that I’m not surprised to be the first person to comment on this film.” [imdb]

Il Gioko

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Title: Il Gioko – School of Fear
Production: Italy 1989
Director: Lamberto Bava
Cast: Alessandra Acciai
Run Time: 97min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None

English language screener rip. “not for commercial use” superimposed at the bottom of the screen throughout the duration of the movie.


“Well, it’s not a big surprise for me that I’m actually the first to review this film cause there’s nothing special about it. It’s along with few other movies(SODOMA’S GHOSTS, NIGHT AT THE CEMETERY), a rare example of eurohorror that’s really boring & worthless. It tells us a story of young teacher who tries to find out something about “the Game” that her pupils are playing. The cliché-ridden script was co-written by overly prolific Dardano Saccetti(Demoni, Zombi2 and half a billion of other Italian horror flicks) so, do expect plot situations and twists lifted right from THE BEYOND, THE OGRE, and the other films he scripted.Kids are all small and repulsive It’s a TV movie, so there’s no gore in. I mean it – no gore at all!Just like in Bava’s similar gore free pseudo horror shlock NIGHT AT THE CEMETERY. At a positive side, I’d point out the atmospheric opening sequence and nice music by always reliable Simon Boswell(Deliria, and many other Lamberto Bava flicks) So I conclude: buy or watch it only if you’re a Bava completist, otherwise you may die of boredom.” [imdb]