In Raki Randale on August 2, 2013 at 1:51 pm

Title: Akrep
Production: Turkey 1980
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Cast: Behçet Nacar, Ayfer Özcan, Kemal Bozbag
Run Time: 74min
Circulation: AVI
Generation/Source: unknown
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: English

A seriously mad Turkish gangster film with car chase scenes filmed on racetrack, hot strippers and some of the most hilarious dialogue I’ve ever witnessed. Basically after a double-crossing criminal is murdered by gangsters, another criminal arrested is given a plea bargain if he pretends to be him in order to set up a trap. Obviously this is a dual role played by the same guy in a somewhat ridiculous idea for a film.Don’t let that put you off though! The gang somehow believe this scam and as far as they are concerned the murdered man has come back from the dead to exact his vengeance. The gang members then attempt to get their money back by kidnapping and terrorizing his girlfriend who attempts to escape them by getting plastic surgery.In a bind with the police he risks his neck to bring down the gang who kidnap him and threaten to torture various women in a bid to make him spill the beans. This dude seems to also suffer from ridiculous delusions of grandeur thinking he has been sent on some kind of divine mission. This film is super fucked up as there is some bizarre perverse dialogue about him wanting his girlfriend to feed him baby food and also some insane shit where the gang seems to think the Chinese guy is black and start calling him Kunta Kinte. [shaunx]



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