Les cauchemars naissent la nuit

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Title: Les Cauchemars Naissent La Nuit (Nightmares Come At Night)
Production: France 1970
Director: Jesús Franco
Cast: Diana Lorys, Paul Muller, Jack Taylor
Run Time: 80min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: French, German
Subtitles: English, German

A suckmysound project about which he says: “X-Rated (Jess Franco Collection #2) PAL DVD with custom English subs taken from Nightmares Come at Night [Jess Franco Project] [1970/DVDRIP/XViD] and which I converted to PAL and retimed to the French audio. There are also two alternative German audio tracks and a German audio commentary. Thanks to franco8102 at ‘TIK for the original upload.”


Disturbed by weird nightmares, Anna de Istria, (Diana Lorys) starts to act crazy, and needs to be calmed down by her roommate Cynthia Robins, (Colette Giacobine) and Dr. Paul Lucas, (Paul Muller) her physician. When she gets to the point of identity crisis, he takes her under his care despite her cries of misunderstanding her and her dreams. Fearful that she will be taken away from Cynthia, as she begins reliving their life together and how the dream’s first came together, her dreams start getting more and more violent. With her concept of fantasy and reality slowly slipping, she finally uncovers the real cause of her disturbing visions and takes drastic measures to stop it from happening.

The News: This is one of the better films in Franco’s career, and does a lot of his tricks very well. Most significantly, there’s plenty of opportunity for nudity on display, and this one indulges every chance it has. From the strip-club flashbacks and lesbian cuddling to several different sex scenes and the short scenes where they’re lounging in beds or out in the sun, this one takes every chance possible to show off the actresses, and the fact that they should be shown off is a great plus. The hypnotic spell woven around the film is quite apparent, mainly though in the film’s best scene, a flashback to her stripper act that is one of the most erotic and spellbinding scenes ever shot. Using a reddish-orange glow that fills the whole screen and a fluid, romantic jazz underscore, the mood is captivating and not a moment is looking away allowed. Even before adding a one of the most seductive strip-acts ever, this is a winning scene, but to then factor that wonderfully seductive and mesmerizing sequence throws it beyond and is one of the highlights, not only of the film but of Franco’s entire career as well. The voice-over is yet another bonus, and becomes just another factor in the scenes greatness. The inability to discern between fantasy and reality is nicely used here, giving this a wonderful waking-dream vibe that is hard to really ignore and is also useful in keeping the viewer guessing, as none of what happens conspires into a set time and place, making this a that much more spellbinding. The lighting even helps, creating plenty of memorable images including one of a buttocks rising in the middle of a blackened room, white as the moon in the middle of a clear night sky. The contrast is brilliant, pulling it off without making it seem more important than it really is. However, there are some slight problems that hold this one back. The biggest one is that there’s no reason to include the subplot about the neighbors being there. They have no impact on the plot, don’t even come into contact with any of the characters, and despite being there to add a body count to the film, it’s never known which of the characters does the deed and the official demise isn’t on-screen, panning away moments before the actual moment occurs and renders the entire thing useless and unnecessary. The only other part that can cause confusion is the fact that this doesn’t really make any sense at all until the end. When it does offer explanations, there’s really nothing offered until that point, giving the film the appearance of being just random scenes thrown together with nothing going on. It does have that feel to it, so that can be something to hold this down to some out there.

The Final Verdict: An entertaining, erotic film with only a few problems, this is an excellent addition in the Franco cannon and in the Euro-sleaze genre as well. This is recommended viewing for Franco-philes and those who love the more erotic side of things.


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