Napoli Spara!

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Title: Napoli Spara! (Weapons of Death)
Production: Italy 1977
Director: Mario Caiano
Cast: Leonard Mann, Ida Galli, Henry Silva
Run Time: 90min
Circulation: PAL 2DVDr
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: Engllish

A brand new fansub/dub of Mario Caiano’s Napoli Spara (aka Weapons of Death) starring Henry Silva and Leonard Mann. This project was masterminded by Jonny at Lovelockandload.com and he has asked me to upload it here for you lucky people. Jonny’s notes on the project: “The image source is the cut German DVD with the uncut inserts coming from a recent Italian TV screening. The English audio that is dubbed onto this composite came from the uncut UK pre-cert VHS. All well and good but after listening to it a few times whilst syncing it up I noticed, for the first time, some issues with PAL speed-up. Most noticeably Henry Silva’s voice sounded a bit like a chipmunk. So to try and rectify this I had the whole thing converted to NTSC so as to slow it down a bit. So far so good… Only now I start trying to sync up the Italian audio and realise that it’s from a PAL source and won’t line up with the new NTSC transfer… Add to this the PAL Italian TV version has an advert break in it which needed editing out. So I edited out the adverts, time stretched the PAL audio so it sync’ed with the NTSC speed and then sync’ed it all up with the NTSC composite. DjangoLi also made English subtitles to go alongside the Italian dub track, offering full language options for the main feature.
The second disc –
Basically all the Italian crime trailers I have available to me in a watchable quality starting with Carlo Lizzani’s WAKE UP AND DIE (1966) and finishing with Bruno Corbucci’s DELITTO IN FORMULA UNO (1984) all in year order so that if you hit ‘PLAY ALL’ you’ll have 2 hours of trailers that go sequentially through the years of this genre from the early years right up to the weird eccentric shit that Milian ended up doing in his ‘Wooly Garment Phase’. As an added bonus there is also a 45 minute documentary about Maurizio Merli, in Italian, that has been subtitled by DjangoLi On the trailer selection menu there’s a block of about 3 trailers that aren’t accessible via remote. Worked fine on my PC when I tested it but for some reason doesn’t work on DVD players. There’s also a HOME button missing on one of the menus. Scenes edited into the German DVD (spoilers warning…)
Pregnant woman writhing on the floor after being kicked in the stomach.
Extra shots of a guard being machine gunned inside the train.
Wounded bandit being machine gunned by his gang.
Extra punches etc in the pool room fight.
The entire motorbike decap scene.
Paedo testes stabbing
Extra shots of Henry Silva under the train wheels


“My personal favorite of overlooked director Mario Caiano’s films, this movie is pretty much THE formula for an extremely successful Italian crime movie. First off, it’s got the exotic Neopolitan locations down pat and does a good job showing how brutal the streets can be with plenty of random bank-robbery and purse-snatching going on. Secondly, it’s got a great cast headed up by Henry Silva as a slimy underworld boss who gets a little too ambitious for his own good, robbing a money train and a police station in broad daylight. Of course one shouldn’t overlook Leonard Mann, Adolfo Lastretti, Benito Pacifico, Richard Raymond and the rest of the regular euro-crime gang that pops by. Thirdly, this film has tons of action, violence, and random explosions to not only keep the casual viewer awake, but highly entertained! This is probably one of the most violent of the 70’s Italian crime films with lots of shootouts,  protracted car crashes, people on fire, mutilated faces, a Gino De Rossi-patented decapitation, and such. Fourth, a very memorable musical score by Francesco De Masi, possibly one of his best and most widely copied of all his scores. Fifth, this film has many tie-ins with Umberto Lenzi’s NAPOLI VIOLENTA (which starred Maurizio Merli and John Saxon), since it has a reappearance of the Gennaro kid that got crippled in that movie, here he’s back and turned to a life of petty crime. The musical cues that follow little Gennaro in particular are very memorable, as they vary on the same theme depending on the situation, creating a very good effect towards the tragic ending.” [imdb’


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