Roma Violenta

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Title: Roma Violenta (Violent City)
Production: Italy 1975
Director: Marino Girolami
Cast: Maurizio Merli, Richard Conte, Silvano Tranquilli
Run Time: 85min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: Italian, English, German
Subtitles: Engllish

A lordretsudo project about which he says: ” I was recently asked by schneller @ Cinematik to re-upload a long-dead torrent of the Italian DVD with English subs added to it. When I looked into it, I realised this was a good opportunity to make an ‘ultimate’ custom DVD of the film, by including both the English audio and subs. I decided to take the Italian audio and add that to the German DVD uploaded on here by kuenfist, which already includes the English audio, and also runs 40 seconds longer than the Italian DVD. I re-synced the Italian audio, and included English audio for the bits that aren’t present on the Italian DVD (these are obvious, as the colour changes quite a bit in these scenes). Both the Italian and German DVDs are of very poor quality, and there didn’t seem to be any obvious difference in picture quality between them to my eyes. I also completely revised the subtitles, correcting for spelling, grammar and general use of English. The DVD is set to play the Italian audio with English subtitles by default. I hope you enjoy this great, violent poliziotteschi starring the mighty Maurizio Merli.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 1.42.07 AM

Marino Girolami directed this violent Italan crime film under the pseudonym “Franco Martinelli.” The story concerns a special undercover squad attached to the Rome police force and commanded by Inspector Betti (Maurizio Merli). Through various episodic encounters, including the tragic shooting of Betti’s partner, who is later attacked and savagely beaten in his wheelchair, a portrait emerges of a city immersed in violence, and to which violence is the only answer.Police brutality is rampant in this film, and is presented as reasonable if not encouraged. When mobsters break into the home of the district attorney (Richard Conte) and rape his young daughter (Daniela Giordano) in front of him, the retaliation from Betti’s squad is swift and brutal, involving brass knuckles and baseball bats. Also stars Silvano Tranquilli, Ray Lovelock and John Steiner.


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