Special Silencers

In Exotic Nuts on August 10, 2013 at 5:01 am

Title: Special Silencers
Production: Indonesia 1979
Director: Arizal
Cast: Barry Prima, Eva Arnaz, W.D. Mochtar
Run Time: 87min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: Dutch (Hardcoded)

Full DVD-R of a direct VHS transfer from the Dutch Delta Video tape. No DVD release for this one any time soon, so it remains (to my knowledge) the best English friendly option available. I also have the Malay VCD which has better picture quality but it’s missing about 20 minutes and no English options, so went with this version instead which is English dubbed with hardcoded Dutch subs. In case you haven’t seen this one before, it’s a pretty crazy ride and a good introduction to Indonesian low budget horror. Not as bad-shit mental as some of the other Indonesian stuff but still delivers the goods with some cheap, effective gore, kung fu female lead, rat torture, topless Prima and a saw-mill in the basement of villain’s hideout for no other good reason but to have a saw blade death included in the climax…I should also mention that it boasts a wicked synthesiser score to boot.


“”Special Silencers” are tablets that will grow bloodthirsty roots of a tree into your stomach.Once swallowed the painful death is coming.Town’s mayor is killed by thugs via these dangerous magic pills.It’s up to Barry Prima and Eva Arnaz to stop villains…Utterly insane and wild Indonesian horror with plenty of cheap grue.It has tons of fighting scenes which are nicely executed.The main concept of deadly tablets is extremely outlandish and the action is fast.If you like motorcycle stunts,yelling and spin-kicking,crazy gore,virginal Indonesian girls and the gore-soaked branches tearing bodies you must-see “Special Silencers”.This movie is one of the biggest cinematic orgasms I had this year.9 pills out of 10.” [imdb]


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