Devi Lina’s Dungeon Of Horrors – Halloween III Season Of The Witch – TV Version

In Cheese Doodles on October 31, 2013 at 10:42 pm

Title: Halloween III – Season of the Witch (TV Version)
Production: USA 1982
Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Cast: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O’Herlihy
Run Time: 102min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: English
Subtitles: None

A moviemayne project about which he says: “You might be asking yourself,what is the difference between the DVD version and the TV version?Basically they took a shitty movie and made it even shittier! The version on television is as follows: The opening sequence is in a letterbox format, as well as the first shot of Harry Grimbridge running out of the tunnel; the music from the TV is somewhat mismatched from the dialogue as Walter Jones watches; an additional line from the Silver Shamrock masks from the commercials that tells people to watch the big giveaway is heard before the power goes out; all uses of God’s name in vain is removed; Marge’s line of “They got their orders all screwed up” is changed to “all messed up”; Marge Guttman’s misfire accident is violence-trimmed, so the music is mismatched to the scene and it edits a few moments of footage; Buddy Kupfer’s line of, “Sticky toilet paper” is changed to “sticky dwarf toys”; the shot of snakes coming out of Little Buddy in Test Room A is removed so the deaths of Buddy and Betty are mysterious.”

“A large Halloween mask-making company has plans to kill millions of American children with something sinister hidden in Halloween masks.” [imdb]


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