El Extraño Amor De Los Vampiros

In House of the Ju-Ju Queen, Paprika Chips on October 31, 2013 at 11:18 pm

Title: El Extraño Amor De Los Vampiros (The Strange Love Of The Vampires)
Production: Spain 1975
Director: León Klimovsky
Cast: Tota Alba, Carlos Ballesteros, Barta Barri
Run Time: 84min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Rip
Language: Italian, German
Subtitles: None


A kuenfist project about which he says: “Hello friends of the spanish – italian – mexican gothic horror movies. Today i bring you my new custom DVD of ” The Strange Love of the Vampires”. For the DVD i used a very rare old german VHS tape from my buddy the VHS detective. The big problem with this prestine tape was, that the movie is like the dutch tape too,very very dark . After the rip in the highest resolution i used Avi Synth Filter to fix it. The colors where also corrected. Very difficult way to go and it is still dark but around 50 % percent better than before. So don’t expect brightness and contrast as normal, use your remote control on your tv till you have it like you want.”

Sexploitative vampire film directed by Leon Klimovsky. Catherine (Emma Cohen) is a young woman who falls in love with a mysterious aristocrat after a one night stand. Hauntingly, she senses his calling and goes to his sinister castle which is inhabited by vampires. There the castle dwelling vampire Count Rudolph and his bloodsucking followers terrorize the Spanish countryside in search of young female victims. Excellent atmosphere, decrepit scenery and plenty of vampire action and sexploitative acts make this everything you’d expect from a 1970’s Spanish horror/vampire film. Taken from Midnight Video. Enjoy this rare spanish classic from Director Leon Klimovsky in the maybe best version till there is a offical release.


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