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Non Sparate Sui Bambini

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Title: Non Sparate Sui Bambini (Don’t Shoot On Children)
Production: Italy 1978
Director: Gianni Crea
Cast: Giancarlo Prete, Eleonora Giorgi, Italo Gasperini
Run Time: 87min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Rip
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: None

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 5.25.59 PM

A pipipip project about which he says: “This low budget kidnapping movie seems to be a very rare one. The only sources I could find were an Italian VHS2DVD by kmkm. That source was in terrible shape. The English VHS rip by hipcampDonated looks better but has burnt in Greek subtitles. So I decided to try my best to polish up the Italian source a little. I corrected the oversaturated colours, removed the worst dot crawl and rainbows and was also able to repair some defects.”

“Obscure crime from spaghetti western director Crea (FINDERS KILLERS,ON THE THIRD DAY ARRIVED THE CROW) with Giancarlo Prete as an honest factory worker who gets fired from his job and ends up commiting robberies so he can pay for his dying father’s hospital treatment,things go badly wrong after a big heist and they end up taking a classroom of infants hostage at a nursery school.Not a bad film but obviously made with very little money though it does have a good cast including Eleonora Giorgi and Giampiero Albertini as the sick father,Stelvio Cipriani’s soundtrack is the same score from LA POLIZIA RINGRAZIA and doesn’t really sound right in a low budgeter like this imo.” [Lovelockandload]


Al-qasr al-mal’oun

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Title: Al-qasr al-mal’oun (The Cursed Palace)
Production: Egypt 1962
Director: ?
Cast: ?
Run Time: 83min
Circulation: MPG
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English


A wildhorse project

“A rich man on a wheelchair asks a young lawyer to write a new well stating that all his wealth goes to his daughter and nothing to his sister but as the lawyer comes back with the new well the paralyzed man changes his mind because his daughter is showing signs of insanity claiming that she saw someone kills her father and that the man on the wheelchair is his ghost! The lawyer doubt that the sister and her sinister servant are trying to drive the girl insane as ghosts and noises start to appear in the palace but truth is not simple..”


Wenn es Nacht wird auf der Reeperbahn

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Title: Wenn es Nacht wird auf der Reeperbahn
Production: Germany 1967
Director: Rolf Olsen
Cast: Erik Schumann, Fritz Wepper, Marianne Hoffmann
Run Time: 95min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Rip
Language: German
Subtitles: English

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.43.10 PM

A lordkaputt project, adding English fan subs to the otherwise untouched official release.

“A daring blood and guts expose of dope, violence and crime…loaded with hot lead and hot heads!” [imdb]

Uçan daireler Istanbulda

In Raki Randale on November 24, 2013 at 6:39 pm

Title: Uçan daireler Istanbulda (Flying Saucers Over Istanbul)
Production: Turkey 1955
Director: Orhan Erçin
Cast: Orhan Erçin, Zafer Önen, Halide Piskin
Run Time: 67min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Rip
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: None


Nickthecreep said: “Wonderful Cheesecake Sci-Fi Burlesque where leggy alien women, with shitbox robot in tow, make a stop in Turkey and learn how to bellydance. With newfound dancing skills, they return to their home planet bettered beings, but not before they disintegrate the earth and destroy mankind with their ray guns. Or something like that. There are no subtitles on this disc and the only Turkish words I understand are Cüneyt Arkin, so some of that synopsis may be plain wrong (outright lies even), but the movie is like a mix of Invasion of the Star Creatures [1963] and The Peek Snatchers [1965] (did this really come out in 1955?) which if you have any sense, you’ll now be nodding your head accordingly and clicking the torrent link at the top of the page.
Big thanks to bimskalabim who originally uploaded this work of genius. There was an issue with the BUPs or the IFOs or something on the original upload that resulted in a slight pause about every 2 and a half minutes throughout the duration of the movie. I demuxed the video and remuxed it which generated some new BUPS and IFOs, and then made a new menu for the disc (thanks darioargento and angrybunny. I figure there’s an easier way to go about this, but as the disc now plays correctly with no pauses (I burned and tested it) it’s no biggie.

Poliziotto, solitudine e rabbia

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Title: Poliziotto, solitudine e rabbia (The Rebel)
Production: Italy 1980
Director: Buddy Cooper
Cast: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock
Run Time: 105min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Rip
Language: English
Subtitles: Japanese


English dubbed audio with hardcoded Japanese subtitles. Ripped from a DVDR, which itself is taken from the Japanese VHS release.

Retired cop, Nick Rossi is paid a visit from his former partner, Tony about joining him as a bodyguard for established clientele. At first declining the offer, Nick quickly accepts and joins his friend for the job of protecting a visiting German banker. Touring a Venice glass making facility, the wealthy businessman is assassinated anyway and Tony is mortally wounded in the violent skirmish. Vowing to avenge his friend, Rossi goes to great lengths to learn the truth behind the spate of assassinations of wealthy entrepreneurs. In aiding the police, his journey takes him to Berlin where Rossi cunningly assumes the identity of one of the hitmen. While there, he meets a beautiful woman who initiates him into the secret society of international killers. Some time after, Rossi’s cover is blown and he himself becomes a target of the powerful criminal organization.

The Mutilator

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Title: The Mutilator
Production: USA 1985
Director: Buddy Cooper
Cast: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock
Run Time: 87min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Rip
Language: German, English
Subtitles: None


A Natron project about which he says: “I took an old Austrian Bootleg Tape from this Masterpiece, remastered it a little bid, deinterlaced it, made a Menu and dubb it with english Sound from the german DVD! Why VHS2DVD? All DVD’s have bad Picture Quality and the Tape from Austria has the best Source available! I think, this is the best Version who is available at the Moment!”

“While cleaning one his father’s rifles as a birthday surprise, young Ed, Jr. accidentally shoots his mother. Ed never forgives his son for this, and the two become estranged. Years later, while Ed and his friends are trying to think of something to do for their college’s fall break, Big Ed calls, and demands Ed come to his beachfront condo, and close it up for the winter. Ed’s friends convince him to accept the job, and take them with him, so it will be finished quicker, and they can spend the rest of their break hanging around the condo. Ed’s group arrives at the condo, which Big Ed is passed out drunk in the basement of, having dreams about killing his son. After dinner, everyone goes for a walk on the beach, and Mike and Linda go skinny dipping in the pool. Big Ed discovers the two, drowns Linda, and uses a trail of her and Mike’s discarded clothes to lure Mike back to the condo, where he disembowels him with an outboard motor. A police officer stationed on the beach then stops by the condo, and is killed when Big Ed decapitates him with an axe. The others return to the condo, and as his friends get ready for bed, Ralph searches for Mike and Linda, and is killed when Big Ed impales him through the throat with a pitchfork. When Ralph does not return, Sue goes looking for him, and is caught by Big Ed, who stabs her in the crotch with a fishing gaff, and chops her head off. Ed and Pam find Sue’s mutilated remains, and the bodies of the other victims, in the basement, and are attacked by Big Ed. The two incapacitate Big Ed and try to drive away, but Big Ed jumps onto the car, and tries attacking them through the roof. Pam puts the car into reverse, and backs into a wall, crushing Big Ed into it, and cutting him in half at the waist. When a police car arrives, one of the deputies goes to inspect Big Ed’s body, and has his legs sliced off when Big Ed springs to life. As Ed and Pam look on in horror, Big Ed dies laughing maniacally.” [imdb]

La Sfida Erotica

In Lose the skin, Paprika Chips on November 24, 2013 at 6:14 pm

Title: La Sfida Erotica
Production: Italy 1986
Director: Arduino Sacco
Cast: Marina Hedman, Ivana Saul, Paola Senatore
Run Time: 72min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Rip
Language: German
Subtitles: None


A kuenfist rip about which he says: :Hello friends of the italian trash and sleaze cinema here is a custom DVD i made one year ago from a ultra rare german VHS of ” La Sfida Erotica “. German titel is “Die supergeilen Zwillinge”.”

This is a very rare relic from 80’s italian XXX, and it is also a masterpiece in inept cinematography and deceit… The movie features two italian mature pornstars: veteran Marina Frajese (aka Marina Lotar) and relatively newcomer Paola Senatore. Both of them were discovered by cerebrated sleaze and hardcore guru Joe D’Amato, and this movie is about an erotic (well… porno!) challenge between them, two womed deeply in love with the same man. But, wait! I’m not really sure if they ever meet each other, but in this movie there is not a single scene where they are together in the same shot. Even beloved Ed Wood couldn’t have done it better…. in fact “La Sfida Erotica” was done by editing and joining leftovers from a couple of different flicks, bound together by offscreen narration. It culminates in an hilarious orgy sequence where everyone involved -like in a fashion defile’- presents himself walking on a stage filled with smoke and backlights caressing his crotch. Here the two female contenders finally meets but…. they are masked! Lots of out of focus shots, bad lighting, bad acting, senseless mumbling, unrelated scene editing and unerotic sex action. Interesting 80’s soundtrack music that varies from sleazy pop to hammond funk, to creepy, dark atmospheres (during an orgy scene a dog can be heard howling!). Don’t be misleaded by the high rate on IMDB (7,6)…. it comes from a mere 5 users who probably had something to do with the film…!

La môme vert de gris

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Title: La Mome Vert De Gris (Poison Ivy)
Production: France 1953
Director: Bernard Borderie
Cast: Eddie Constantine, Dominique Wilms, Howard Vernon
Run Time: 95min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Rip
Language: French, English
Subtitles: English, French


A shado124 project, customizing the french retail release by adding English audio and subs.

“Two million dollars have vanished into thin air. Lemmy Caution, an American agent, is assigned by the FBI to investigate in Casablanca. He soon finds out about a gang of gold smugglers, whose boss might be Saltierra, but Saltierra’s mistress, Carlotta de la Rue, nicknamed “La môme vert de gris” stands in his way, at times helping Saltierra at other times helping him. Only when her brother is gunned down by the gang does she choose her side, Lemmy of course.” [imdb]

La Cabeza Viviente

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Title: La Cabeza Viviente (The Living Head)
Production: Mexico 1963
Director: Chano Urueta
Cast: Mauricio Garcés, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Abel Salazar
Run Time: 75min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Rip
Language: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, French


A shado124 project about which he says:”I created this Custom English subbed/ Custom English fandubbed DVD-R using the Full Bach Films French DVD with Spanish & French languages and French subs uploaded by achilletalon and the English audio track (audio track coming from the K. Gordon Murray English dub) and English subtitles created by GenO2 and included in his massive Triple Audio/ Double Subtitle XVID.”

“A group of archaeologists break into the tomb of an ancient Aztec general, arousing the warrior’s head and sending his undead servant out to take revenge on the careless scientists.” [imdb]

A Reencarnação do Sexo

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Title: A Reencarnação do Sexo (The Reincarnation of Sex)
Production: Brazil 1982
Director: Luiz Castellini
Cast: Patrícia Scalvi, Roberto Miranda, Lia Farrel
Run Time: 82min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Portugese
Subtitles: English


A shado124 project, adding English subs to a Brazilian TV capture.

“This is not terribly good but it is not terrible either. My exposure to Brazilian cinema has been minimal but I seem to recall others with much reliance on ghostly appearances. Here we seem, at first, to have quite a decent tale and it bursts into action with the first brutal and gory kill. I guess, I should mention that the film does actually begin with an extended sex scene and this should have indicated what was to come. So with ghostly goings on and a touch of the Little Shop of Horrors, we have a mean plant that directs all the gory action and numerous people popping in for sex and getting something more. About halfway through this looks as if it will simply turn into a soft core sex movie but then it pulls back and goes for all out madness. A truly demented film.” [imdb]