Non Sparate Sui Bambini

In I fought the law, Paprika Chips on November 29, 2013 at 10:27 pm

Title: Non Sparate Sui Bambini (Don’t Shoot On Children)
Production: Italy 1978
Director: Gianni Crea
Cast: Giancarlo Prete, Eleonora Giorgi, Italo Gasperini
Run Time: 87min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Rip
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: None

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 5.25.59 PM

A pipipip project about which he says: “This low budget kidnapping movie seems to be a very rare one. The only sources I could find were an Italian VHS2DVD by kmkm. That source was in terrible shape. The English VHS rip by hipcampDonated looks better but has burnt in Greek subtitles. So I decided to try my best to polish up the Italian source a little. I corrected the oversaturated colours, removed the worst dot crawl and rainbows and was also able to repair some defects.”

“Obscure crime from spaghetti western director Crea (FINDERS KILLERS,ON THE THIRD DAY ARRIVED THE CROW) with Giancarlo Prete as an honest factory worker who gets fired from his job and ends up commiting robberies so he can pay for his dying father’s hospital treatment,things go badly wrong after a big heist and they end up taking a classroom of infants hostage at a nursery school.Not a bad film but obviously made with very little money though it does have a good cast including Eleonora Giorgi and Giampiero Albertini as the sick father,Stelvio Cipriani’s soundtrack is the same score from LA POLIZIA RINGRAZIA and doesn’t really sound right in a low budgeter like this imo.” [Lovelockandload]


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