Guyana: Crime of the Century

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Titel: Guyana: Crime of the Century
Production: Panama/Mexico/Spain 1979
Director: René Cardona Jr.
Cast: Stuart Whitman, Gene Barry, John Ireland
Run Time: 108min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD/VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None


A clarence project about which he says: “Frustrated by the lack of a decent uncut release of Rene Cardona Jr’s notoriously exploitative meisterwork GUYANA: CRIME OF THE CENTURY (aka GUYANA: CULT OF THE DAMNED), I decided to create my own composite using the VCI DVD and the uncut Japanese VHS release. The VHS rip is uncut but features hardcoded Japanese subtitles and a very weak image. On the other hand, like the other DVDs that are available in Italy and Germany the VCI DVD is cut but presents the film letterboxed and with reasonably good image quality (not brilliant, but to my knowledge as good as any of the other DVD releases that are available worldwide). The cuts affect two sequences: the infamous electrocution scene, in which one of the boys caught stealing is tortured by Jones’ goons; and images of nudity in a scene in which Jones dishes out his own peculiar punishment to a young couple caught ‘frolicking’ in the fields (he has them raped by ‘Lazarus’, a cult member). I digitised my copy of the VCI DVD and cropped the VHS rip to the same screen dimensions (in comparison with the VCI DVD, it was open matte), inserting the two scenes into the rip of the VCI DVD. The result is what I believe to be an uncut composite version of the trash meisterwork, with a running time of 107:48 mins (the uncut Japanese VHS rip runs 2 seconds longer but this is down to 2 seconds of black screen at the start of the rip). There is rumoured to be a 115 minute version of the film in existence, but to my knowledge a version of this length has never been released on home video and the claimed existence of this 115 minute version may simply be a myth. (If I’m wrong about this and there’s proof that this 115 minute version has been released, please let me know via the comments or PM – I’d love to know whether or not this rumoured cut of the film actually exists or not.) This composite was made using a combination of Handbrake and iMovie. The DVD-R presents the film in anamorphic widescreen (with an AR of 1.85:1) and is 6.26Gb in size.”

“Reverend Jim Jones, the priest of an independent church in Guyana in South America, orders his followers to suicide. But not all follow him blindly and begin to think on their own…” [imdb]

  1. I have both the versions from Italy.. The No Shame release which is non anamorphic and also the limited numbered Cult 70 release which is anamorphic. Due to some of the markings on the print it was sourced from the same master print. Both have English audio. So I’m guessing your cut is exactly the same as the Italian DVD’s?

  2. No Shame DVD Run time is 143.13 Cult 70 is 142.43 ( There seems to be a title card on the No Shame DVD at the start that isn’t on the other DVD )

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