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Un tipo con una faccia strana ti cerca per ucciderti

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Titel: Ricco (Un tipo con una faccia strana ti cerca per ucciderti) 
Production: Italy 1973
Director: Tulio Demicheli
Cast: Christopher Mitchum, Barbara Bouchet, Malisa Longo
Run Time: 94 min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: Italian, English, Spanish
Subtitles: English

un tipo

A nikko project, enhancing the Dark Skys DVD with Italian and Spanish dubs.

Ricco Aversi (Christopher Mitchum) is the layabout son of a powerful mobster. After his father was killed, Ricco had a run in with the man who usurped his father, Don Vito (Arthur Kennedy), who in turn had Ricco thrown in jail on trumped up charges for a couple of years. Ricco emerges form jail to find his family now ostracized, living on the outskirts of Rome, and to make matters even more humiliating Ricco’s former flame, Rosa (Malisa Longo), has shacked up with Don Vito. Ricco finds a sympathetic ally in a counterfeiter and his vixen niece, Scilla (Barbara Bouchet). Soon the Karate chopping Ricco is jabbing away at Don Vito, breaking into his compound, robbing him of his payoffs, all the while trying to uncover the identity of the man responsible for the hit on his father. Ricco gets more emboldened. Don Vito gets increasingly angry and is the kind of gangster prone to throwing men into the acid bath at his soap factory. So, it doesn’t take a genius to realize the two are on a collision course.


L’amante del vampiro

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Titel: L’amante del vampiro (The Vampire and the Ballerina) 
Production: Italy 1960
Director: Renato Polselli
Cast: Hélène Rémy, Tina Gloriani, Walter Brandi
Run Time: 84 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A Nickthecreep project about which he says: “Custom DVD. Video/audio from Italian NoShame DVD is untouched, I just stripped the menu/extras and added the custom English audio track, custom subtitles and a custom menu. Thanks to Necropolis for the DVD, ganjafarmer for the subtitles and jimkaffDonated £5 for the English audio.”

“Lost in the woods in a storm, two members of a ballet troupe find a castle in which to spend the night. The castle is owned by a contessa who is really a vampire. She and her vampire servant (with a rotted, leathery face) terrorize the dancers, who are built more like strippers than ballerinas. Great cheap thrills.” [psychotronic]

Porci con la P.38

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Titel: Porci con la P.38
Production: Italy 1978
Director: Gianfranco Pagani
Cast: Marc Porel, Laura Belli, Raymond Pellegrin
Run Time: 94 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A bubikoglu project about which he says: “Custom fan subbed DVD-R from my worn-out, original Italian Domo Video VHS. The unstoppable ganjafarmer kindly created newly revised subtitles for this custom. Sadly, the VHS shows some signs of wear at the start and end of the film. There are some tracking lines and a noticeable crackling on the audio from time to time (especially near the end) but it’s perfectly watchable and shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment very much. The film itself is an admirable, although not entirely successful, effort. The film is certainly sleazy enough and has quite a grubby feel to it. It’s let down however by poor direction and clumsy handling of fights scenes. Otherwise it’s quite entertaining and good to see Marc Porel in a leading role. I should mention the score which, in my opinion, is up there with the very best Euro Crime soundtracks…it’s almost too good for this film!

A mafia don retires and splits his territory dividing it between the three heads. After the old man and one of the heads are suddenly murdered, the remaining two begin to suspect each other of being behind it in order to take over the entire organization. Complications arise when inspector Morris (Marc Porel) gets involved and his family is threatened.”

Frankfurt Kaiserstraße

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Titel: Frankfurt Kaiserstraße
Production: Germany 1981
Director: Roger Fritz
Cast: Michaela Karger, Dave Balko, Hanno Pöschl
Run Time: 84 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: German
Subtitles: None


A kuenfist rip about which he says: “Hello friends of german sexploitation movies and sleaze. Today i bring you my new custom DVD of Frankfurt Kaiserstraße a german sleaze classic from 1981 only available on VHS. For the DVD i used the first edition VHS tape from ITT Contrast from my friend the VHS detective in prestine condition. The rip was made using my DVDrecorder in the highest bitrare. With some Avy Synth filters in uncompressed AVI mode i deinterlaced the picture and fixed the noise and made it anamorph. No Neatvideo was used so no lose of details and the sharpness is still there. With cinevision i encoded the picture for the DVD. Very good quality for such a old tape.”

“Girl goes to the bright lights of Frankfurt when her boyfriend goes into the army; the seamy side of life is not as attractive as she expected.” [imdb]

Mafia Girls – Le Ragazze Del Porno Show

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Titel: Mafia Girls (Der Zerstörer – Love, Lust And Violence)
Production: Italy 1975
Director: Norbert Meisel
Cast: Anthony Fortunado, Colleen Brennan, Claudine Beccarie
Run Time: 89 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None


An asano project, taking a rip of the uncut German VHS release and dubbing it with English audio from the cut and cropped SWV DVD.

“A former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff takes on the mafia, after his son is beaten and his daughter-in-law raped because of an unpaid debt. He hires Joe Napoli, a Vietnam-Vet to help him track down the mob-boss.” [imdb]


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Titel: Afrika
Production: Italy 1974
Director: Alberto Cavallone
Cast: Ivano Staccioli, Maria Pia Luzi, Kara Donati
Run Time: 89 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: CSC Telecine
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.03.10 AM

A lordretsudo project, adding Merlin’s English subtitles to the CSC Telecine.

“When a woman found shot to death in an Ethiopian hotel room turns out to be a young man, flashbacks during an impromptu inquest reveal the reasons… The savagery of colonialism and the stigma of homosexuality are inexplicably juxtaposed by a director who seems to know very little about either and the result is an uneasy mix of exploitation elements and pseudo-psychological Sturm und Drang. AFRIKA opens with a soldier mutilating a woman’s breasts with a lit cigarette before shooting her in the groin with a machine gun at the roadside checkpoint Professor Philip Stone (Ivano Staccioli) is stopped at on his way to a rendezvous with a woman who was once Frank (Andrea Traqlia), his male secretary. The professor took the teen in after he was viciously gang-raped by his coed classmates and Stone’s wife (Maria Pia Luzi, Cavallone’s real life spouse), when not making a play for Frank, is trying to rekindle a masochistic romance with her husband who begins to feel he has more in common with his charge. Meanwhile, after his mother disowns him, the boy’s sister Jeanne (Kara Donati) tries to break the budding relationship up after her husband took matters into his own hands by arranging the rape. All of this goes nowhere -as does a bizarre sight-seeing safari organized by Stone’s friends who show off their superiority to the natives with cutting remarks like “Africa’s black because it’s dirty” and wondering if the villager breast-feeding her baby is giving it cappuccino as an ox is slaughtered for their feast. It’s rather odd to see a lot of “Africa Addio” in a movie ostensibly about the parallel identity crises of a young homosexual and his middle-aged mentor but stranger still, the female nudity and softcore coupling are all of a heterosexual nature. The bisexual Stone was a closet painter and the gay, of course, composes poetry and thinks a sex change will solve everything so, while the premise of a sexual awakening in a savage, primitive land held promise, the ignorance of its subject matter makes for a very muddled movie that borrows most of its depressing denouement from THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? The gay theme would surely have been an unpopular one in Italian film at the time so why AFRIKA was even made is a bit of a mystery -especially so since Cavallone was quoted as saying that if he knew Staccioli was homosexual beforehand, he never would have used him. Filmed on location in Ethiopia during a regime change, the cast and crew were jailed for ten days during a violent uprising and that’s too bad because the resulting footage obviously would have found its way into the film as well. Often palmed off as a giallo, fans of obscure Eurotrash will no doubt want to check it out but the appellation is misleading and the scratchy, faded print now in circulation is missing about a half hour -a blessing, reely.” [imdb]


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Titel: Profesyoneller
Production: Turkey 1971
Director: Yavuz Yalinkiliç
Cast: Yilmaz Serif, Levent Çakir, Nesrin Kaptan
Run Time: 68 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: None


“This disk is as far as i know the only print available. looks like its a direct film to disk transfer! their is a constant white noise over the audio track, and every now and then some the picture skips. The movie (as most turkish westerns) uses soundtracks of other spaghetti westerns, in this movie we can also hear some spanish/mexican music. The movie is very enjoyable! shame that it so unknown! I would say that its stands above alott of italian spaghetti westerns! The movie is probably inspired by corbucci’s revolution trilogy. the main carrecters have nice looking outfits……Jack has a bit of a cheap 70’s look……but it doesnt bother so much. The carrecters all have this comic/spaghetti attitude….. we have a priest, that isnt much of a saint, a midget that steals money of the corpses, a mexican girl that doesnt talk, but knows how to handle a knife, a photografer that has a machine gun hidden in his camera, a psychopath bandit that has some serious mental problemms…….and our main man, that is pretty much the most normal of all(jack). didnt understand the ending of the movie……than I also didnt understand any of the dialogs……didnt spoil the fun for me.Their are more dialogs in the movie as in the others, and i can imagen that the dialogs are important for the story line…….since i dont understand turkish…..I had to interpetade the one and the other. The first scene we see a group of soldiers who want to rape a girl (our girl). Amexican man wants to protect the girl, so he jumps the soldiers and gets killed. the girl runs away and the soldiers follow her. A spanish/mexican song starts and we see fiews of the landscape. A young man (jack) arrives in his home town, he probably hast been their for a while because his mom is very happy and surprised to see him. the town is controlled by bandits and soldiers………the bandits are tollorated by the soldiers, they work together….. Jack visits his old friend Jim (a photografer). Jack doesnt like how the bandits and soldiers thread the villagers and asks Jim to help him to do something against it…..Jim cant be bothered. Jim meets the girl, the midget and the priest……dont know if they were allready friend or that they just met. The priest overhears a conversation between jack and jim and he runs of to his friends the girl and the midget to tell them that jack and jim also want to attack the bandits. Jim sneaks into the base of the bandits pretending he is drunk and he wants to take a group picture of the soldiers. he makes some jokes with the soldiers and lines them up next to each other against a wall. Ones jim is behind his camera, the camera turns out to be a machine gun! and he shoots all soldiers. jack continues to Fernando’s HQ. He confrontates fernando infront of all his man and punch him in the face……their were some dialogs…didnt understand them……but i can imagen that Jack and fernando are related….and maybe an other bandit is a third brother?…….anyhow jack can walk away without anything happening after he beat fernando in te face…..normally people get kileld for that! Jim, Jack, the midget, the girl and the priest team up together to attack the fernando…..Jack kills a bandit….he has some special relationship with the guy…he is very upset after he killed him…..so I can imagen this maybe has been the 3th brother?? They continue the attack, this time they send in the priest……the priest walks into to camp and takes one soldier private so he can confess. and they take out the soldiers. For the second post they send in the girl. all soldiers have eyes for the girl, so the other 4 members of our group are dressed as bushes and sneak by the post. The kill all soldiers, the priest has a hidden knife in his crucifix. Something is going on at fernando’s place…the guy is mentaly pretty messed up…….he just had the dad of a girl hanged……the girl and dad are also related to jack or Jim. after the bandits hanged the old man they take the girl to fernando…who wants to seduce the morring girl……she not in the mood……that same man who is toutching her…just killed her fathe……fernando is offended and tells his man to kill the girl! fernando has his hands to his head..and you can see his mind is playing tricks on him…….. its difficult to say what this ment for the movie….what the relationship of the old man and the girl were for Jack and Jim. Anyhow………for some strange reason Jim, the priest and te midget are captured by the bandits! wasnt explained or showed how……they are hanged up-site down with a rope around their enkels above a barrel of watter……..so they have to pull their self up not to drown! Jack finds a way to free them, all bad guys are killed thanks through some acrobatic and gunfire. The group continues their journy to fernando’s hide out. The final scene…..jack and fernando are face to face in a basement……a fist fight starts. the girl and the priest are also their, they cant shoot fernando, because the risk is to high that they hit Jack. Jack punshes Fernando in the face. he falls on a box, that is filled with dynamite. fernando holds a piese of dynimate in his hands and threads to blow everybody up if they dont back-out………..than Jim apears with his fotocamera/machine gun says something in turkish smiles, points at his camera -SON- the end ?????” [shootgringoshoot]


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Titel: Trittico (Il Sesso del Diavolo)
Production: Italy 1971
Director: Oscar Brazzi
Cast: Hulya Bengun, Rossano Brazzi, Alinegati Cakus
Run Time: 85 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: Screener Tape
Language: Italian
Subtitles: None


“Definitely the best Brazzi’s Score and that, thanks to the music of Stelvio Cipriani, with the overture to a version of In-a-gadda-da-vida, manages to get the most, especially in enhancing Sylva Koscina. Aside from the talent of the cast and the magnificent eye-catchers in Istanbul, there are the sculptures, especially the Triptych, also the costumes and the 70”s atmosphere exquisitely pop. The Brazzi bros realized in Turkey this film that combines GIALLO atmospheres (Brazzi had been the subject of two television giallo series: Melissa and Coralba) and sexploitation (the film is one of the first pushing on the side of “love of women”) .”

Panasnya Selimut Malam

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Titel: Panasnya Selimut Malam
Production: Indonesia 1982
Director: Wahab Abdi
Cast: Frans Tumbuan, Farida Pasha, Menzano, Lenny Marlina, Nazar Amir, Didit Kasid
Run Time: 86 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: Betamax Master
Language: Indonesian
Subtitles: None


A shootgringoshoot rip of the Indonesian Betamax rental.

“Rangga a big liar, has an unhappy life with his wife, Sara, a nymphomaniac. In his loneliness, Rangga meets Rani, a call girl. Although a prostitute, Rangga finds happiness with her. They need each other, instantly fall in love and make a vow to marry in the near future. But fate is not on their side when Rangga dies in a plane crash. Most of his wealth is bequeathed to the child in Rani’s womb. Sara protests, but the law is clear. With the help of Sutan, Sara makes a deal with the devil and promises to be its disciple. It is the beginning of disaster for everyone.”

Crema cioccolato e pa…prika

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Titel: Crema cioccolato e pa…prika
Production: Italy 1981
Director: Michele Massimo Tarantini
Cast: Barbara Bouchet, Renzo Montagnani, Silvia Dionisio
Run Time: 85 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: Telecine
Language: Italian
Subtitles: None

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.52.30 PM

This was one of the most sought and discussed movie in Italy, due to the story about Giuseppe Greco (son of the famous mobster Michele Greco, alias “Il papa”, boss of the Cosa Nostra clan in Palermo – Sicily, producer of the film). This is the only film with Giuseppe Greco and he plays the role of a stupid doctor, in fact after this film Giuseppe Greco was prosecuted and accused for money laundering and suspected for having borrowed a car to Nino Salvo (also part of the Cosa Nostra clan) to shoot some scenes with a Mercedes, but later was acquitted of all charges.

In this film come back the famous couple Franco & Ciccio, after 7 years of detachment, and this will be their last appearance together.
The film was screened only in Palermo and was never showed outside of Sicily. The director considered it a failure and was never released!