Geheimnisse in goldenen Nylons

In London Calling, Paprika Chips on April 2, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Titel: Geheimnisse in goldenen Nylons (Dead Run)
Production: Germany/USA 1967
Director: Christian-Jaque
Cast: Peter Lawford, Ira von Fürstenberg, Georges Géret
Run Time: 93min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Master
Language: German, English
Subtitles: None


A pipipip project about which he says: “I found a very good looking VHS2DVD of a German Tape at BDvC but that is cut by 11 minutes. Rescue came from alomaco78 who was so kind to send me a DVD-R made of a completely uncut English version which has the correct aspect ratio and is more than ok qualitywise. The only drawback are Danish hardsubs. So I took both versions and equalized chroma and luma to make them fit together. So there’re hardsubs left only at scenes not present at the German version. A few short sequences were only available in German. Subtitles have been created for the parts with dialogue. Very big thanks go to alomaco78 who provided the very rare uncut VHS2DVD to me.”

“Berlin in winter. The days are wet and dark, the deeds darker. Thus the scene is set for one of the genre’s most enjoyable serious entries. Yes, it’s a simple story; there are no madmen with visions of world domination, no fancy gadgets to distract but it’s a story told with flair and the swift pace is that of the petty thief on the run, drawn into a high-stakes game of espionage.
Christian-Jaque, director of one of the segments of The Dirty Game, pulls all the elements together this time; a first rate score by Gerard Calvi, a great and varied cast, an excellent script, and appealing locations result in a minor gem. Dutch camera angles abound as we chase the European winter in Berlin, Lucerne, Paris, and Vienna. The look of the film manages to stay just this side of drab, the natural light is weak but the feeling isn’t one of hopelessness, rather it’s a sort of dignified gloom.
If you’re looking for a well-crafted piece of espionage drama that treads the fine line between humor and bleakness, and features a stellar cast at their best, you just found it. As Georges Geret remarks halfway through the film `Spying is no job, it’s a profession,’ and this is a very professional look at it indeed.” [imdb]


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