Warrior Queen

In Cheese Doodles on April 3, 2014 at 9:37 am

Titel: Warrior Queen
Production: Italy 1968
Director: Chuck Vincent
Cast: Sybil Danning, Donald Pleasence, Rick Hill
Run Time: 80 min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None

“We’re gonna kill a few birds with one stone here today, first in filling a long standing request by Necropolis, of this flick in a full DVD-R from a VHS transfer, secondly in it being the unrated version of it…having a couple more minutes of skin than the rated version, from what I’m told, and last but not least, the always pleasurable experience of seeing Amazonian Sybil Danning I guess if you’re a fan of particular directors, this one would be up your alley too, with the sculptor of such fine cinematic pleasures as “Preppies”, “Hollywood Hot Tubs”, and “Bedroom Eyes II”….. sexploitation artist extraordinaire, the late Chuck Vincent is your man. Another notable cast member, would be the sexy star of “Black Venus”….Josephine Jacqueline Jones lending her talents (tits?) to this very precise and involved historically inaccurate film as well as well known porn star Samantha Fox, and sexploitation regular, Tally Channel. But don’t let that foolishness bother ya! We’re not here to watch a documentary on the History Channel. We could care less when film reviewers tell us that this is an awful movie with no redeeming values or acting talent involved. If we wanted redeeming values from a movie, or extraordinary acting talent, we’d find it. But we don’t.We want tits. Lots of tits……. and mister…….lemme tell ya……this flick has em! Sigh…..just not Sybil’s. There should be enough other flesh melons to make up for that, but if not, you can always stare at my gif for an hour or so. lol. Sybil Danning in this 1987 release, as transferred from a likewise aged unrated Avid Home Entertainment VHS of…. ” ~JJFlash


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