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Con la rabbia agli occhi

In I fought the law, Paprika Chips on June 21, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Titel: Con la rabbia agli occhi (Death Rage) 
Production: Italy 1976
Director: Antonio Margheriti
Cast: Yul Brynner, Massimo Ranieri, Barbara Bouchet
Run Time: 94 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Custom
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A pipipip project, enhancing the Italian CineKult release with English subtitles by aldo.

“Opening with a funky 70’s concert presumably in Italy, DEATH RAGE is an obscure Italian knockoff of the American action flick starring Yul Brynner in one of his final film performances. Brynner is really the only good reason to watch this movie, as there is very little special about it beyond that. Barbara Bouchet, Brynner’s leading lady, is very sexy and does show a lot of skin, so there is some eye candy. Unfortunately, Brynner and Bouchet, in terms of acting, have almost no chemistry together (according to the trivia section at IMDb, they did not get along on the set–it shows). For those not familiar with Italian cinema during the 70’s and 80’s, keep in mind that the dubbing is never well done in these kinds of movies. The main focus is watching Brynner being a badass (which he does exceptionally well), watching Bouchet’s body, and seeing lots of gunfights, car chases, and explosions. The plot is nothing new, and some of the dialogue is out-and-out stolen from other films. The special effects are standard for the time, and there is some animation featured during Brynner’s flashback sequences (the “Death Rage” from the title). The movie follows retired hit-man Peter Marciani (Brynner), whose brother was, once upon a time, killed by the Mafia. He is lured out of retirement to hunt the man responsible for his brother’s death, and travels to Italy, where he meets a goofy young wannabe named Angelo (Massimo Ranieri). Angelo shows him to his method for manipulating horse races, then takes him to a nightclub where Marciani is introduced to exotic dancer Anny (Bouchet). With his companions by his side, Marciani avoids death and struggles with his eye condition while trying to bring down the mob. If interested in watching this movie, I strongly suggest searching for it online; it is public domain, and should be available for free. It is also included in various dollar-bin versions and 50 movie boxed-sets.”


Il vizio ha le calze nere

In Paprika Chips, Somebody got murdered on June 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Titel: Il vizio ha le calze nere 
Production: Italy 1975
Director: Tano Cimarosa
Cast: John Richardson, Dagmar Lassander, Ninetto Davoli
Run Time: 84 min
Circulation: NTSC DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


A darioargento project about which he says: “Firsty there is no english audio on this dvdr, if you require that download one of the xvids. This offering is spanish audio with English Subtitles created by blueam. These have been edited and completely retimed to this print.

The Italian vhs is Not uncut as both prints contain scenes which have been filmed twice. And in the case of the spanish print has a couple of scene extensions not found in the italian version but loses longer dialogue sequences.
Stranger still the spanish version has entire scenes in a different order to the italian version. Finally like the bruno varni screener the spanish version is Letterboxed, whilst the italian version is fullscreen.”

“Director Tano Cimarosa seems keen to keep the focus on sleaze and savagery throughout, and if we’re not witnessing a woman being slashed open with a razor blade, we’re watching two of them getting it on. Normally, a film like this would get a high rating from me; but because the cinematography is so painful, none of it is pleasing to the eye and that ensures that it’s all rather uninspiring. The cast features two recognisable names, those belonging to John Richardson, the star of a number of Italian films including Bava’s Black Sunday and Lenzi’s Eyeball, and Dagmar Lassander; who also appears on a number of cult cast lists. Neither really has room to impress here. Despite putting more focus on sleaze, the plot is actually quite complicated; and is made more so by the fact that all the characters are wafer thin and it can be difficult to work out their motives because of that. The ending doesn’t come as much of a surprise, although I wasn’t really expecting it to. Overall, Reflections in Black really isn’t a good film; but I hesitate to completely condemn it as it’s a great exercise in crappy film-making, and it does at least do some of the things that you want a Giallo to do.” [imdb}

Das Lusthaus Teuflischer Begierde

In Lose the skin, Paprika Chips on June 21, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Titel: La verità secondo Satana (Das Lusthaus Teuflischer Begierde) 
Production: Italy 1972
Director: Renato Polselli
Cast: Sergio Ammirata, Marie-Paule Bastin, Marcello Bonini Olas
Run Time: 48 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: German
Subtitles: English


A darioargento project about which he says: “Now this is fun one, made for the german market with just over two minutes of alternative footage only found in this print. As the german dialogue is completely nuts my good friend pipipip created some new English Subtitles from the german dub – Massive thanks to him. Well the german cut is only 47 minutes long, and boy does it make up for the short running time. Great fun.”

“La Verita Secondo Satana” was produced by Renato Polselli’s own company G.R.P. Cinematografica.The film was originally titled “The Gospel by Satan”.A beautiful Rita Calderoni believes she has driven her lover to suicide.According to Jay Slater because of the word gospel in the title “La Verita Secondo Satana” was instantly accused of blasphemy and its distribution was very limited.Once considered a lost title Polselli’s film was broadcast on the smallest Italian television networks during the early 80s.To bypass censorship and distribution hassles Polselli shot three different versions and although the movie was released five times during the 70s the director added new footage to each print,while deleted certain scenes.”

La ragazza con la pistola

In Paprika Chips, Somebody got murdered on June 21, 2014 at 3:26 pm

Titel: La ragazza con la pistola (The Girl With A Pistol) 
Production: Italy 1968
Director: Mario Monicelli
Cast: Monica Vitti, Stanley Baker, Carlo Giuffrè
Run Time: 99 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Custom
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A Zorg project with subtitles by zoneyoutwonk.

“Comedy-drama about a Sicilian woman (Vitti), “dishonored” by her lover, goes to England with a pistol intending to murder him.” [imdb]

002 operazione Luna

In Paprika Chips, Save European Home on June 21, 2014 at 3:19 pm

Titel: 002 operazione Luna 
Production: Italy 1965
Director: Lucio Fulci
Cast: Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Mónica Randall
Run Time: 85 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Custom
Language: Italian, Russian
Subtitles: English, Italian


A shado124 project with subtitles by merlin.

“A Soviet space mission goes wrong, leaving the two Cosmonauts onboard Popov I lost in space and the party with a potential public relations disaster on their hands. Meanwhile Franco and Ciccio are arrested after a bungled robbery. A Soviet agent in Rome, whose cover is a beauty parlour and gym catering to the wives of Italy’s ruling elite, sees Franco and Ciccio’s picture in the newspaper and realises they are the spitting images of the Cosmonauts. Accordingly our two heroes are kidnapped, taken to Moscow and, after some tests, sent into space on Popov II. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you see it, they then return to earth. The complication is that they’ve got to impersonate the Cosmonauts. For the military and media this isn’t such a problem: they just have to sit there and keep their mouths shut. But when the two men’s wives arrive and wonder why their husbands are speaking Italian rather than Russian it’s a different matter. Then unexpectedly Popov I reappears and returns to earth, complete with the real Cosmonauts..”

Alta tensión

In Paprika Chips, Somebody got murdered on June 21, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Titel: Alta tensión (Doppia Coppia Con Regina) 
Production: Spain 1972
Director: Julio Buchs
Cast: Marisa Mell, Gabriele Ferzetti, Juan Luis Galiardo
Run Time: 83 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A darioargento project with subtitles by ganjafarmer.

“José, a young mechanic, arrives in Madrid to make it big, After being conned he loses his savings, and is took in by Elisa, a photographer. She introduces him to Pablo and Laura. Laura makes him an offer he cant refuse and then his troubles really begin.”

Le tue mani sul mio corpo

In Paprika Chips, Somebody got murdered on June 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm

Titel: Le tue mani sul mio corpo 
Production: Italy 1970
Director: Brunello Rondi
Cast: Lino Capolicchio, Erna Schurer, Colette Descombes
Run Time: 87 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

le tue

A darioargento project with subtitles by ganjafarmer.

“Andrea (Lino Capolicchio) is an irritatingly enigmatic loafer still living at home with his wealthy publisher father in a secluded seaside villa and Mirielle, his dad’s hot-to-trot trophy wife, is sexually attracted to him but he’s more interested in her best friend Carol. When he’s not surreptitiously filming Carol’s sexual dalliances, he teases and spies on Mirielle, fixates on his dead mother, and idolizes Marilyn Monroe -but whenever it looks like he may have to make love, the moody man-child avoids the issue. What’s his problem?”

La maschera del demonio

In House of the Ju-Ju Queen, Paprika Chips on June 21, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Titel: La maschera del demonio (Demons 5) 
Production: Italy 1989
Director: Lamberto Bava
Cast: Giovanni Guidelli, Debora Caprioglio, Stanko Molnar
Run Time: 94 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A nikko project about which he says: “Custom dvd from my dvb rip, I just removed the black bars and tv logo, then I added the english FANsubs and I created a menu to start it.”

“A group of skiers find a mummified corpse of a witch (named Anibas) with a demonic mask on her face. When they remove the mask, Anibas’ soul is released and plans to possess David’s girlfriend Sabina while the skiers slowly transform into demons. It is now up to David to end the curse and save his girlfriend from the witch’s clutches.”

Bisturi, la mafia bianca

In Lose the skin, Paprika Chips on June 3, 2014 at 10:39 pm

Titel: Bisturi, la mafia bianca (Secrets of a Nurse) 
Production: Italy 1973
Director: Luigi Zampa
Cast: Gabriele Ferzetti, Senta Berger, Enrico Maria Salerno
Run Time: 89 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: DVD Custom
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A customized version of the Italian CineKult release, now with English subtitles.


“This Italian film is a searing indictment of the greed and ambition which warp the medical profession. It focuses especially on surgeons in the persons of Professor Valiotti (Gabriele Ferzetti) and Dr. Giordani (Enrico Maria Salerno). Many of the scenes are based on Italian news stories of the period (’70s) which recount the suffering and high costs of unnecessary or overly aggressive treatment motivated by academic ambitions or simple greed. Director Luigi Zampa’s previous film about the medical system was a satire/comedy: Be Sick, It’s Free” [New York Times]

Genova a mano armata

In I fought the law, Paprika Chips on June 3, 2014 at 10:33 pm

Titel: Genova a mano armata (Merciless Man) 
Production: Italy 1976
Director: Mario Lanfranchi
Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Maud Adams, Adolfo Celi
Run Time: 87 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: Swedish (Hardcoded)


An argoman upgrade of the kuenfist disc. “I have worked with Premiere to reassemble the parts of the Italian version in 35mm absents on the RARE SWEDISH VHS RIP and then i added the ITALIAN AUDIO. Unfortunately, the Italian version of the film that we have very damaged and then some parts of the film are in English. Obviously being a vhs Swedese subtitles are not removable … In over the vhs has the image slightly elongated, I tried to bring it back in the correct format 2.35:1. SO NOW WE HAVE THE FINAL 86min. UNCUT VERSION”

A kuenfist rip of a Swedish rental tape.
“Hello friends of the italian cinema and the eurocrime genre, today i bring you something very special a nice VHSrip remastered anamorphic of ” Genova a mano armata”. A good friend of mine had the swedish tape in prestine condition he gave it to me with the promise that i do not upload it after i made the custom DVD…… but after argoman uploaded today “Yellow”. I was thinking everybody should enjoy my work and my friend gets a lot of DVDs from me too so where’s the problem. I made a uncompressed rip and this time with a long AviSynth scrypt i made everything in one step…. but i made a mistake the first time … to much sharpening was not good for the picture. After another 3 hours the picture was alright and i encoded it for DVD with cinevision. Please set the audio a little down it is very loud. Hope you enjoy my work …. and i love some good comments … this tape is damn rare !!!!!!!!!!”

“A disgraced American cop (Tony Lo Bianco) sets up a detective agency in Genova, Italy. His only client is Dr. Marta Mayer (Maud Adams) who has hired him to find out who kidnapped and killed her father. It isn’t easy as villains pop up ever 10 minutes to kill him and he has to contend with cantankerous Italian cop Lo Gallo (Adolfo Celi). This is a really odd thriller from director Mario Lanfranchi. I say that because stuff happens at random in the flick. For example, Lo Bianco just shows up at places where major plot moments are going down. How did he know to be there? Am I just supposed to assume his amazing detective work brought him there? The strangest moment has Lo Bianco shooting himself up with heroin to get inside a fancy rehab facility that actually wants to distribute more street drugs. It is interesting to see Adams post-THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and pre-OCTOPUSSY. Lo Bianco, obviously cashing in on his fame with THE FRENCH CONNECTION, seems to be having fun as the wise ass detective and does a lot of his own stunts.” [imdb]