Genova a mano armata

In I fought the law, Paprika Chips on June 3, 2014 at 10:33 pm

Titel: Genova a mano armata (Merciless Man) 
Production: Italy 1976
Director: Mario Lanfranchi
Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Maud Adams, Adolfo Celi
Run Time: 87 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: Swedish (Hardcoded)


An argoman upgrade of the kuenfist disc. “I have worked with Premiere to reassemble the parts of the Italian version in 35mm absents on the RARE SWEDISH VHS RIP and then i added the ITALIAN AUDIO. Unfortunately, the Italian version of the film that we have very damaged and then some parts of the film are in English. Obviously being a vhs Swedese subtitles are not removable … In over the vhs has the image slightly elongated, I tried to bring it back in the correct format 2.35:1. SO NOW WE HAVE THE FINAL 86min. UNCUT VERSION”

A kuenfist rip of a Swedish rental tape.
“Hello friends of the italian cinema and the eurocrime genre, today i bring you something very special a nice VHSrip remastered anamorphic of ” Genova a mano armata”. A good friend of mine had the swedish tape in prestine condition he gave it to me with the promise that i do not upload it after i made the custom DVD…… but after argoman uploaded today “Yellow”. I was thinking everybody should enjoy my work and my friend gets a lot of DVDs from me too so where’s the problem. I made a uncompressed rip and this time with a long AviSynth scrypt i made everything in one step…. but i made a mistake the first time … to much sharpening was not good for the picture. After another 3 hours the picture was alright and i encoded it for DVD with cinevision. Please set the audio a little down it is very loud. Hope you enjoy my work …. and i love some good comments … this tape is damn rare !!!!!!!!!!”

“A disgraced American cop (Tony Lo Bianco) sets up a detective agency in Genova, Italy. His only client is Dr. Marta Mayer (Maud Adams) who has hired him to find out who kidnapped and killed her father. It isn’t easy as villains pop up ever 10 minutes to kill him and he has to contend with cantankerous Italian cop Lo Gallo (Adolfo Celi). This is a really odd thriller from director Mario Lanfranchi. I say that because stuff happens at random in the flick. For example, Lo Bianco just shows up at places where major plot moments are going down. How did he know to be there? Am I just supposed to assume his amazing detective work brought him there? The strangest moment has Lo Bianco shooting himself up with heroin to get inside a fancy rehab facility that actually wants to distribute more street drugs. It is interesting to see Adams post-THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and pre-OCTOPUSSY. Lo Bianco, obviously cashing in on his fame with THE FRENCH CONNECTION, seems to be having fun as the wise ass detective and does a lot of his own stunts.” [imdb]


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