Escape from Galaxy III

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Titel: Escape from Galaxy III (Giochi erotici nella terza galassia) 
Production: Italy 1981
Director: Bitto Albertini
Cast: Sherry Buchanan, Fausto Di Bella, Don Powell
Run Time: 84 min
Circulation: PAL DVDr
Generation/Source: VHS Rip
Language: German, English, French
Subtitles: None


A LuigiBastardo project about which he says: First, I kind of fucked up making the previous MKV, having saved the disc from PAL to NTSC in TMPGEnc before making the x264 rip. I didn’t experience any playback issues, and apparently nobody else did, either. No biggie, right? I still had the source disc (which is in 4:3 widescreen, with a shifting matte: see photos), so all I had to do was re-insert the US title from the VHS. Well, by the time I realized my error during the creation of this disc, I had deleted the VHS rip, so I had to take that from the MKV rip. Trial and error, kids. (Needless to say, if anyone has the VHS, please upload it as a DVD-R.) This time, though, it’s all PAL, not cropped down any (except for the title card), and the quality is actually slightly better. And that’s saying something when you consider what a pile of shit this movie really is.

Of all the terrors the universe could potentially hold for travelers, there is nothing positively more bed-wettening than the thought of a garish galaxy right out of the ’70s, complete with bad disco music following your every space move. Oh, who am I kidding – THAT WOULD BE SUPER-MEGA-FRIGGIN’ AWESOME, RIGHT? RIGHT?! Well, you may want to take a peek at Italy’s bastard sequel to its own bastard “homage” epic, StarCrash before you ultimately decide on that one. Here, cult actress Sherry Buchanan gets one of her few starring roles as Belle Starr, who, along with her space-faring partner Lithan (Fausto Di Bella), is pursued across the stars by a bad brother (the great Don Powell, who also provided the terrifically bad score) named Oraclon. Landing on a planet of simple people, our surprisingly sexless couple (especially with an Italian guy on-board!) soon discover simple pleasures – including sex itself.

Bitto Albertini cranked out this junky motion picture outing, which uses most of the special effects (and some costumes) made for Luigi Cozzi’s aforementioned masterpiece, and was actually released as a sequel to STARCRASH in some markets. The video and French audio was culled from Starcrash. I inserted the English fandub (hey, is that Nick Alexander’s voice I hear for Don Powell’s henchman?) from Giochi Erotici Nella 3a Galassia aka Escape From Galaxy 3 aka StarCrash 2, but noticed the opening and ending musical tracks were different (the awful love song that’s on the other rips out there was original a funky disco number, so rejoice, because it has been reinstated!), so I copied them from the US Prism VHS (which sadly, I am not able to offer by itself, due to a recording error, but thankfully the beginning and ending were complete). I then added the “original” title card from the American VHS, since the French DVD sported a bad insert title. After that, I noticed the 4:3 widescreen French DVD was inconsistent with its aspect ratio, so I took a gamble on a German DVD release. Turns out they used the exact same French rip, enlarged it to 16:9 (after cropping it down some), and the only difference was a German dub. But at least I got a German dub out of the deal!


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