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In Paprika Chips, Somebody got murdered on June 3, 2015 at 10:51 pm

Title: Crystalbrain
Production: Italy 1970
Director: Juan Logar
Cast:  Eduardo Fajardo, Frank Wolff, Simón Andreu
Run Time: 92min
Circulation: PAL DVDR
Generation/Source: VHS Master/Composite
Language: Italian, Spanish
Subtitles: English


A pipipip project.


Enter the Fat Dragon

In Exotic Nuts on June 3, 2015 at 10:27 pm

Title: Enter the Fat Dragon
Production: Hong Kong 1978
Director: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung
Cast: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Kwan Yeung, Roy Chiao
Run Time: 92min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDR
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Cantonese, German, English
Subtitles: None

fat dragon

A kuenfist project about which he says: Hello friends of the fu. Today i bring you my new custom DVD of “Enter the Fat Dragon”. This time uncut … the german Bootleg was still cut in one scene because they used the Crash Cinema DVD for the most parts for the picture and the fight with the kickboxer is cut in one scene here it is uncut. A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me his prestine german first release VHS tape from 1982 to make a copy. The tape was in such a good shape i can’t belief it. I remaster the picture ( no NeatVideo where used so no lose of details and not washed out picture ) and the crash cinema DVD for the inserts ( 13 minutes where taken from the crash DVD ). The inserts where converted careful to PAL without jerking. I encoded the movie to anamorph progressiv 50p. For the english dub i used a copy from the old UK VHS with the nunchak fight intact !!! The chinese track comes from the crash DVD. And the german from my VHSrip. Now we have a almost complete english dub only 2 parts in chinese but there are english hardsubs ( inserts from crash) and one sentence in german. The missing parts in the german dub are now in english, only the same 2 scenes as in the english track are chinese.

Terrorism, Could It Happen Here?

In I fought the law, Paprika Chips on June 3, 2015 at 10:15 pm

Title: Terrorism, Could It Happen Here?
Production: Italy 1977
Director: Massimo Pirri
Cast: Luc Merenda, Lou Castel, Andrea Franchetti
Run Time: 86min
Circulation: PAL DVDR
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Italian, German, English
Subtitles: None


A pipipip project.

“I went into this film under the impression that it would be an Italian crime flick. It is; but it’s not the type I’m used to, as instead of all the fights and car chases that I would usually expect from this sort of film, we merely get lumbered with a load of talking and theories that don’t have much weight behind them and thus the result is really boring. The plot focuses on a small group of terrorists. Three of them try to kill somebody; one ends up dead and the other two flee. But there was a last minute change of plan, which causes trouble in the terrorist cell. The problem with this film being so boring is that it’s very difficult to follow. I honestly found it hard to care about anything in this film. It’s not that I need things like car chases to make me like a movie; but I do watch films for enjoyment more than anything else, and this one didn’t deliver anything like that. The film stars Luc Merenda, who despite being great in many Italian films; is not enough to elevate this one above tedium. I have no idea if the film was trying to make a point about something going on in Italy in the late seventies, but whatever the point was went right over my head and I would not recommend anyone seek this dull film out!” ~imdb

Flames of Blood

In Exotic Nuts on June 3, 2015 at 9:54 pm

Title: Flames of Blood
Production: Japan 1981
Director: Tai Katô
Cast: Bunta Sugawara, Mitsuko Baishô, Tomisaburô Wakayama
Run Time: 150min
Circulation: NTSC DVDR
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English


A lordretsudo project.

“This is Tai Kato’s penultimate work (and essentially his last work), an all-star jidaigeki and a full-fledged work in terms of style. The film is based on a story of Koichi Iiboshi and, IMHO, a masterpiece. The story is set in Bakumatsu and revolves around the Bunta Sugawara character, a yakuza (of course but instead of a modern yakuza/gangster, he’s a gambler/bakuto). After he kills someone and gets wound, is saved by a blind woman (Mitsuko Baishô), who took care of him. They has a happy time under the protection of the Tomisaburo Wakayama character, an oybun. But of course, happy time doesn’t last long. The story is also related to Okada Izo and the Shinsengumi (w/ Kondo Isami played by Makoto Sato) In his later works, 45 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree cuts become the intrinsic norm, as a result, there are many frontal shots and the space representation is often (momentarily) ambiguous. Camera movements are rare and only used in specific scenes. So the expressiveness of his cinema replies largely on editing. Still in this film there are quite some interesting long takes.”

Delitto d’autore

In Paprika Chips, Somebody got murdered on June 3, 2015 at 11:15 am

Title: Delitto d’autore
Production: Italy 1974
Director: Mario Sabatini
Cast: Sylva Koscina, Pier Paolo Capponi, Luigi Pistilli
Run Time: 74min
Circulation: PAL DVDR
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English


A darioargento project.

“A wealthy Countess is warned that if she gives a valuable painting away as first prize in a music competition, the only thing handed out will be death. In rapid succession, the painting is stolen, the Countess murdered, her niece (Sylva Koscina) kidnapped, and the police baffled as the killings continue… This uninspired villa-set murder mystery has a decent body count and plenty of red herrings but still manages to fall short of being a bona fide Giallo. There’s a brief Sylva Koscina nude scena and genre star Luigi Pistilli is on hand as a suspicious priest but the absence of even a semblance of style or set-piece slaying help the movie miss the mark.” ~imdb

The Woman Hunt

In Exotic Nuts on June 3, 2015 at 11:11 am

Title: The Woman Hunt
Production: Philippines 1972
Director: Eddie Romero
Cast: John Ashley, Pat Woodell, Sid Haig
Run Time: 75min
Circulation: NTSC DVDR
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None

woman unt

A LuigiBastardo project.

“In what could only be described as Eddie Romero’s version of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, the 1973 sleazefest THE WOMAN HUNT finds our Filipino auteur assembling a bevy of beauties boasting big boobies by a really not-at-all-nice guy in order to hunt them down in the jungles. And who’s that there ready to save the day? Why naturally, it’s John Ashley, kids – during the midst of his co-producing/starring role ride with Romero – and he’s joined here by veteran character actor Sid Haig. Also starring the busty talents of Pat Woodell, Charlene Jones, Laurie Rose, and Lisa Todd. Ken Metcalfe and Eddie Garcia also star. Jack Hill co-wrote the story, Roger Corman served as co-executive producer and his New World Pictures banner distributed the title in the US.” LB

Fuller Report

In Paprika Chips, Save European Home on June 3, 2015 at 11:05 am

Title: Fuller Report
Production: Italy 1968
Director: Sergio Grieco
Cast: Ken Clark, Beba Loncar, Lincoln Tate
Run Time: 92min
Circulation: PAL DVDR
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: English, German, Italian
Subtitles: None


A pipipip project, using an Italian TV rip as the basis for an outstanding dubbing job.

“Ken Clark is a race car driver and a good one. Some how, he becomes entangled in espionage involving a Russian Ballerina and a secret document called the Fuller Report. Not being any kind of a secret agent, Dick Worth [Clark] has to rely on his quick thinking, catlike reflexes and most of all, his luck to see him through. After all, the powers involved play only one way … for keeps!” ~imdb

R.O.T.O.R. (Uncut & Rifftrax)

In Cheese Doodles on June 3, 2015 at 10:58 am

Title: R.O.T.O.R. 
Production: USA 1987
Director: Cullen Blaine
Cast: Margaret Trigg, Richard Gesswein, Jayne Smith
Run Time: 91min
Circulation: NTSC DL-DVDR
Generation/Source: Custom
Language: English
Subtitles: None


A LuigiBastardo project.

“R.O.T.O.R. could be described as The Room meets Cyborg Cop 2, and if that makes any sense to you at all then you know how excited we are about it! It’s an embarrassment of riches, where to begin? Our hero Captain J.B. Coldyron, police robotics genius and ranch owner, whose dialogue was all dubbed by a different actor and written by a different species? The goofy office robot who somehow possesses more sophisticated intelligence than the dangerous “advanced” prototype on the loose, aka R.O.T.O.R.? Or what the acronym R.O.T.O.R. itself stands for: Robotic Officer of the Tactical Operations Research. Yes, the last word in the killer police robot’s name is Research, for some reason. Except later in the movie, when it suddenly stands for Reserve instead. Why? If you want an explanation, you’d better ask Shoeboogie, the wacky Native American janitor who loves to dance. Actually, don’t ask Shoeboogie anything, it’s probably best to avoid all eye contact with Shoeboogie. Coldyron! Research! Shoeboogie! If you say those words real fast they kind of sound like a song, but they’re also three of the many reasons you should join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for the wonder of wonders that is R.O.T.O.R.!”

Girl Boss Blues

In Exotic Nuts on June 3, 2015 at 10:50 am

Title: Girl Boss Blues 
Production: Japan 1972
Director: Noribumi Suzuki
Cast: Reiko Ike, Chiyoko Kazama, Asao Koike
Run Time: 84min
Circulation: NTSC DVDR
Generation/Source: Custom DVD
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English


A lordretsudo project.

“When two Girl Bosses fight each other over territory, their enmity is difficult to solve – they are equals in looks, strength, determination, and power of their respective girl gangs. So, the way is open to a mischievous Yakuza Boss who invites them for a peaceful way to decide their feud: a sexual challenge for him to decide who is the better Girl Boss. Trapped, both are subject to the man’s lust and sadistic assaults. They escape by joining forces against the yakuza gang, though it costs one of the young women her life – when she was friends already with her former enemy.”

Playing with Fire

In Lose the skin, Paprika Chips on June 2, 2015 at 11:21 pm

Title: Playing with Fire 
Production: France 1975
Director: Alain Robbe-Grillet
Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Philippe Noiret, Anicée Alvina
Run Time: 108min
Circulation: PAL DL-DVDR
Generation/Source: Custom DVD
Language: French
Subtitles: English


“When Carolina (Anicee Alvina), the daughter of wealthy banker Georges de Saxe (Philippe Noiret), is reported kidnapped, it is upsetting to him even though he knows it isn’t true. The kidnappers have taken the wrong person. The banker hires Frantz (Jean-Louis Trintignant) a disheveled, seedy detective to find his daughter and hide her safely away. She soon finds herself in a fantasy-land whorehouse, where all kinds of extreme perversions are routinely practiced. There, a near-double of her father whips and then seduces her. Eventually, she and the private eye escape or leave, having extorted the kidnapping money from the girl’s father.” ~imdb