Flames of Blood

In Exotic Nuts on June 3, 2015 at 9:54 pm

Title: Flames of Blood
Production: Japan 1981
Director: Tai Katô
Cast: Bunta Sugawara, Mitsuko Baishô, Tomisaburô Wakayama
Run Time: 150min
Circulation: NTSC DVDR
Generation/Source: TV Rip
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English


A lordretsudo project.

“This is Tai Kato’s penultimate work (and essentially his last work), an all-star jidaigeki and a full-fledged work in terms of style. The film is based on a story of Koichi Iiboshi and, IMHO, a masterpiece. The story is set in Bakumatsu and revolves around the Bunta Sugawara character, a yakuza (of course but instead of a modern yakuza/gangster, he’s a gambler/bakuto). After he kills someone and gets wound, is saved by a blind woman (Mitsuko Baishô), who took care of him. They has a happy time under the protection of the Tomisaburo Wakayama character, an oybun. But of course, happy time doesn’t last long. The story is also related to Okada Izo and the Shinsengumi (w/ Kondo Isami played by Makoto Sato) In his later works, 45 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree cuts become the intrinsic norm, as a result, there are many frontal shots and the space representation is often (momentarily) ambiguous. Camera movements are rare and only used in specific scenes. So the expressiveness of his cinema replies largely on editing. Still in this film there are quite some interesting long takes.”


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