The Woman Hunt

In Exotic Nuts on June 3, 2015 at 11:11 am

Title: The Woman Hunt
Production: Philippines 1972
Director: Eddie Romero
Cast: John Ashley, Pat Woodell, Sid Haig
Run Time: 75min
Circulation: NTSC DVDR
Generation/Source: VHS Master
Language: English
Subtitles: None

woman unt

A LuigiBastardo project.

“In what could only be described as Eddie Romero’s version of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, the 1973 sleazefest THE WOMAN HUNT finds our Filipino auteur assembling a bevy of beauties boasting big boobies by a really not-at-all-nice guy in order to hunt them down in the jungles. And who’s that there ready to save the day? Why naturally, it’s John Ashley, kids – during the midst of his co-producing/starring role ride with Romero – and he’s joined here by veteran character actor Sid Haig. Also starring the busty talents of Pat Woodell, Charlene Jones, Laurie Rose, and Lisa Todd. Ken Metcalfe and Eddie Garcia also star. Jack Hill co-wrote the story, Roger Corman served as co-executive producer and his New World Pictures banner distributed the title in the US.” LB


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